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Ghost Candle and Vampire’s Kiss Candle

4 Oct

I dreamed up these candles and I’m in LOVE with them! The Ghost Candle came out lovely!

To make them, I used the water candle technique. Basically, you submerge hot wax in cold water to get the whimsical flowing effects. A lot of fun!


  • Taper candles
  • Candle Wax
  • Double boiler
  • Candle Warmer
  • Glass jars for the melted wax
  • Sink-full of cold water
  • Aluminum pie pan (for Vampire’s Kiss candle)

Vampire’s Kiss Candle Directions

Step 1 – Melt your wax in the double boiler. I didn’t have a double boiler so I had to improvise. I used empty/clean glass jelly jars to melt the wax in.

Step 2 – I broke the taper candles into three pieces. They were too tall. It is necessary to completely submerge the candle in water, therefore the taper candle shouldn’t be taller than the level of water in your sink.

Step 3 – Use some melted wax to “glue” the taper candle in the center of the aluminum pan.

Step 4 – Using oven mitts, pour the hot wax into the aluminum pan. Using both hands, submerge the pan with the hot wax. It took me several attempts to build the candle pictured. Use small amounts of wax and vary the speed at which you submerge the candle. Keep the candle under the water for a little bit to make sure the wax has hardened. To get the candle out of the aluminum pan, holding the candle by the exposed wick, I put it back into the boiling water. Don’t allow boiling water to get into the pan! All you want is for the pan to heat up a little so the wax will melt and release from the pan.

Step 4 – Place the candle on a paper towel to dry. Water will sometimes be trapped so tilt the candle or turn upside down carefully so the trapped water can drain out.

Ghost Candle Directions

For the Ghost candle, I used the same basic technique, except I didn’t use an aluminum pan. I poured hot wax into the sink and slowly built a “base”. I then “glued” the taper candle to the created base with a small amount of melted wax. To build up the candle, hold the base in the water, pour hot wax down the taper candle, and submerge, repeat until you are happy with your creation.

Step 1 – Pour hot wax into the cold water creating a base foundation.

Step 2 – Attach the taper candle to the base with a small amount of hot wax.

Step 3 – Build the candle by pouring hot wax down the taper candle and submerging. Repeat as desired.

You will get hot wax on you and you will get wax all over the sink. These candles are very delicate, the flowing effects are sometimes very thin and will break off. Be gentle.

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Happy Crafting and Enjoy!

Next Post will be my Plague Candle and Black Magic Candle! I’m looking forward to creating them!

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