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Ghost Flower Door Wreath

3 Oct

Its October! Time for Halloween decorations!

Apologies for my long hiatus from this blog, life gets in the way of my best intentions and efforts sometimes. I’d like to share this craft idea for a Halloween door wreath. I was inspired by this¬†http://pinterest.com/pin/80572280804519777/¬†post on Pinterest. Unfortunatly I have not been able to find the original posting/poster. If any of you know, please inform me so I can give them due credit.

Supplies I used include:

Basic Door Wreath (Dollar Tree for $1.00)

Halloween Decoration Gauze (Wal-Mart $2.00)

Screen Door metal mesh (had left over product from Jewelry frame project)

Some jewelry making wire and a couple clear beads

White Spray Paint

Directions: Wrap the basic wreath with the gauze. Cut the screen mesh into several squares of various sizes. I used one large square, two medium, and one small square. Diagonally fold the mesh square and shape into a flower. A word of caution, I gave myself a couple metal splinters so please me careful when working with the mesh. Once the “flowers” are shaped, spray paint them, allow to dry and adhere to the wreath.



Halloween Glow-In-The-Dark Door Wreath

2 Oct

This year I’m hosting a themed Halloween party, so my door wreath needed to reflect my theme. I’m keeping the theme a secret until a week before Halloween, hehee. My main goal for my door wreath was that it would function in daylight and at night. I used glow-in-the-dark paint on several elements in the wreath plus some glow-in-the-dark plastic bats, rats, and bugs.

Supplies used:

Pre contructed basic door wreath (I got mine for $1.00 at Dollar Tree)

Glow-In-The-Dark Creatures ($1.00 a bag at Dollar Tree)

Scraps of black satin

Twigs and Sticks

Green Spider Web decoration

Black Feathers

Hot Glue Gun

Glow-In-The-Dark Paint

Alphabet Stickers

I think over the next week I’ll add more elements to it with more glow-in-the-dark creepy creatures, but I’m pretty happy with how it came out. Not too shabby for my first door wreath attempt.

Happy Crafting!

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