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Recipe Apron

8 Nov

With Thanksgiving so near, I’m reminded of my mother’s delicious cooking and all the warm, delightful smells of a bustling kitchen.  Revisiting those memories made me want  a craft project that would be personal and have sentimental value.  I’m really pleased with my recipe apron and hope it inspires you to create your own.

The cooking apron is made up of muslin transfers of various family recipes along with thread embellishments. I used SuperSoft Inkjet Transfer Paper and ironed on the scanned images of family recipes. I took rectangles of white muslin sewn with hot pink and blue lines to mimic an index card. All the rectangles are sewn onto a muslin backing. I bought the transfer paper from http://www.dharmatrading.com/html/eng/2443492-AA.shtml


Before printing on the transfer paper, make sure you mirror the image. I used Microsoft Word which allows you to rotate the inserted image 180 degrees.

I think I may try this idea a few different ways, although I’m happy with this first “draft” I think I can improve upon it. Let me know your thoughts.

Happy Crafting!

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